Our values


At Hekipia, team spirit is fundamental: we work together to achieve the essential shared objectives of customer satisfaction and sustainability of our compagny.

We encourage mutual assistance and communication, which leads us towards genuine  group cohesion and motivates us to pool together our skills.

We work together in authenticity, conviviality and respect of each individual, to help build a better future for our company.


Proposing innovative products forms our culture and history.

This creative process is a priority and is applied to our products (technical specifications, design, comfort and environmental respect) services and also our production methods and tools.

Guided by the market requirements and our constant need to better fulfil our clients’ needs, innovation is an inherent part of our growth strategy.



Our aim is to offer the very best product and service. To achieve this, each day we strive to perfect our knowledge and our technical and human expertise forged over more than 30 years.

Our industrial organisation is under constant improvement, and we measure this thanks to pertinent key performance indicators to optimise our activities and thereby offer competitive and high-quality products to our clients.


Sustainability commitments

Sustainable and long-lasting products

All of our accommodation benefits from a unique construction principle made from steel, wood and aluminium. Noble, timeless and sustainable materials, which are specifically scaled by our design team to offer optimal efficiency and maximum solidity.

Our products have a tried-and-tested lifetime of over 15 years.

No impact on the land

Our products are installed on land on reversible supports. Our construction principle does not require any foundations, and does not have any harmful effects on the land, and leaves no traces when disassembled.

Logistical optimisation

All of the components used in our chalets are delivered flat-packed by lorry.

This packaging allows us to ship several accommodation units in each individual lorry to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Supervision of spare parts

The construction principle of our products allows us to replace individual parts quickly and easily and to fight against any wastage.

It is entirely possible to order parts which may be accidentally damaged or suffer wear and tear over time.


Local suppliers

We exclusively work with French and European suppliers with the majority being located close to our factory.

We harbour lasting relations with our trusted and local partners.

Recyclable material

The material used on our accommodation can be easily recycled.

Steel, wood and aluminium are the materials which have their own recycling channel in France.